Daniel East About Size Thirteen:
It was more than fifteen years ago that Size Thirteen Music founder and president Daniel East was struggling as a musician. At just 16 years old he was a graduate of the auspicious Philadelphia High School for the Creative & Performing Arts as a multi-instrumentalist having double-majored in both Music and Drama. He was able to find work by sneaking into area nightclubs and cabarets sitting in with anyone who'd hear him. From there he was asked to join several bands while working in local music stores setting up display materials and working as liaison to the record companies.

His young talents were recognized by a major Philadelphia radio station when East had one of his original song demos aired as their most requested song for three months consecutively on the station's local music show. After continuing to further his education at The Philadelphia College of Performing Arts, he took his musical skills and joined them with his ability to market and promote (still at the young age of eighteen) working to promote his own projects and those of other groups who seen his own results.

While continuing to perform and hone his skills, East found himself working for a "one-stop" where the legendary founder of Grand Records, Herb Slotkin and his partner, Anna DiMeo, took him under their collective wings & introducing him to many giants of the industry. This experience would eventually land him an intern spot during the heyday of A&M Records in New York. This learning of the marketing "ropes" allowed East to see what major labels were doing to promote and train their artists in the public eye. From there, he moved to RCA Records office in New Jersey working on marketing and promotion.

Edible Red on Size Thirteen
(Legendary Jazz Saxophonist, Grover Washington, Jr.)
It was in 1986, after arranging for national distribution of an early demo recording by a group that he'd performed with, East started Size Thirteen Records™ which continues today along with the addition of promotional, marketing, production and Internet services for music industry needs.

This was the beginning of the application of so much of what he'd wanted to offer to other artists, from recording to marketing and touring, presenting both artist and product in the best possible light while still being appropriate for the given level of that career. This philosophy has continued to be the mission of Size Thirteen Music™.

Daniel East and Billy Mann
(Daniel East with Producer/Artist Billy Mann)

As his vision grew, he took on other facets of the music business; learning the ropes working for concert promoters, picking up roadie work and applying his audio engineering skills to several national tours. Eventually, East took over a national venue in Miami as Production Manager and slowly began to apply his marketing skills to the venues promotion. This work took him to tour managment, security and other issues of a major tour and with each venture, his methods were used by each artist and/or label with great results. Even as East continued to perform, record and tour as a musician, the business side of things was gaining momentum for him on its own as well as taking more and more of his time.

After spending three years as an audio engineer for both front-of-house and monitor positions, East took the reigns as tour manager for some key performers. He began to subcontract his skills on the side as an added option. The response was so overwhelming and with such good results that East ultimately decided to settle down in his hometown of Philadelphia and make music promotion, production and marketing his main focus - working with some of the best that the industry has to offer.
Iko-Iko on Size Thirteen
(From films "Contact" & "Cape Fear," Iko-Iko's Graham Wood Drout)

His personal attention to detail, direct relationships with the artists, management companies and labels - both indie and major - combined with his experience as musician, engineer, tour manager, business person and marketer allow East a unique perspective and understanding of the needs of his clients. With the staff, contractors, vendors and media combining their outstanding experience and talents to further support Size Thirteen's mission, it all adds up to your success. For Size Thirteen, the common denominator has always been the quality of the music and not a particular genre of music. Size Thirteen Music™ continues to be the choice from studio to stage to the global market.

Size Thirteen
(MTV Europe hitmakers, Dunderhoney)

Client Testimonials:

"Size Thirteen has offered Future Sonics a seamless transition into the world of e commerce. In addition, STM has the creative staff to produce fantastic that keeps FSI out in front."
- Marty Garcia, President/CEO, Future Sonics, Inc.

"SIZE 13 has not failed me in 3 years. They are the mastermind and have had the ability to take a total mess of photos and information from us and turn it into magic. Any artist, tour or website is important, but they have made my media and tour coverage the cornerstone in staying touch with the fans and the industry's technology standard."
- Billy Mann/Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter (Pink, Celine Dion, Jennifer Brown, Boyzone, Art Garfunkel, Hall & Oates, and others)

"Size Thirteen have always provided an efficient and fast service with great designs and ideas. Our business dealings with them have always been a pleasure and we would not hesitate to recommend their services to others."
- Kate Bartlett / The Bridge Consultancy, UK

"When my projects are ready for the next level, Size Thirteen helped create the images to represent and promote our acts - both online and off - gain attention, and put our best foot forward."
- Mitch Mestel/Recording Artist, Engineer

"Daniel East has proven that there is nothing that he can't handle. Production, promotion and organization have made him a valuable member of our team."
- Patrick Gleber/Owner,Tobacco Road (Legendary Blues Hall since 1912)

"As a producer and performer in what may be the world's most competitive field, Size Thirteen Music gave us the tools, time and promotion that we needed to gain national attention for our artists; saving us huge paybacks for label expenses with no sacrifice in quality. Better really."
- Brian Zipin/Producer, Musician; Two Tree Music

"I have been a client of Size Thirteen Productions for a number of years and I have found working with Daniel East and his crew to be an invaluable part of my business. Size Thirteen Productions has it's grip on the cutting edge of today's music industry , they know where to go and they know how to get it done."
- Graham Wood Drout, President/Little Silver Records - Showcase Associates Inc./Musician

"Having a solid background in music Size Thirteen understands our products and handles other marketing solutions for us putting our image and reputation out in front of the pack."
- David McGuinness/Director of Client Services, Future Sonics, Inc.; DMac Audio

"Daniel East & Size 13 are total pros, and I highly recommend their services. Excellent professional work and attention to detail is what you can expect, and great results is what you will receive!"
- Janet Robin/Musician, Little Sister Records (Guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham/Meredith Brooks; Solo artist)

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