size 13 Size Thirteen Promotions:

Getting you noticed. That's what promoting is. Size Thirteen™ can design materials, advertising, radio promotion, logos, graphics with our Creations team and so much more.

Visibility is key to ultimately being successful in any field. We look for that sparkle, that indescribable something that makes you great and show it to the world.

  • Add On's like press, on air, promotions extra. Talk to us.
  • Magazine and trade paper support of radio promotion available.
  • Print Advertising - Design (standard square ad) 499.00 for b/w
  • Press Kits with packages available to combine Tour/Press/Media packages with special pricing.
  • Tour Documents
  • Logo and design
  • CD cover art and design
  • much more to promote your tour, product, or event!
  • COMPARE FOR YOURSELF. We encourage our clients to shop around and compare quality, price and performance. We think you'll agree that Size Thirteen gives you more quality, better quality and a great price.
Talk to us today about what's right for your needs!

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